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China silica fume suppliers,microsilica manufacturer.

Публикация от 21 ноября 2018 09:22 Опубликовал: NEWREACH
China silica fume suppliers,microsilica manufacturer.

Wuhan Newreach Materials Co., Ltd. is an integrated enterprise that specializes in the production, management, and sales of silica fume and supply of relevant technical services. Our products are widely used in the fields including water conservancy, bridges, tunnels, subways, concretes and refractory materials and so on.

Our Products

Microsilica, Micro Silica, Silica Fume, silica fume slurry, amorphous silica powder, White silica fume,condensed silica fume,undensified microsilica,densified microsilica ,undensified silica fume,densified silica fume,and etc.



Suitable for all concrete and mortar applications where the benefits of silica fume are required:

· Higher compressive strength

· Increased durability – Longer service life for structures

· Enhanced rheology – Control of mixture segregation & bleed 

Newreach Microsilica into the concrete mixer and mix thoroughly with the other mixture ingredients, adopting a procedure that ensures full dispersion of the product.  Dosage varies depending on


Newreach Microsilica is a dry silica fume available in two main forms.  Undensified and Densified.  In use, it acts physically as an interactive filler and chemically as a highly reactive pozzolan.  A key ingredient in many construction materials,


Available in a range of packaging options, including:

· 25 kg paper bags & 1000 kg jumbo bags.

· Big bags in various designs & sizes

· Bulk road tanker

Please contact our representative for more details

Storage & handling 

Newreach Microsilica should be stored in dry conditions and not exposed to moisture.

Quality Assurance & Quality control 

Newreach Silicon Materials’ Management System for development, processing

Chemical and physical properties






> 85 to 97

Specific surface area


15 - 35

H2O (when packed)


< 3

Bulk Density (U)


200 – 350

Bulk Density (D)


500 – 700

Источник: microsilicachina

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